The use of chemicals in textile industry

The use of harmful chemicals in textile industry in developing countries affecting health of consumers and ecosystem pollution is the current issue particularly interested by grades.


Many chemicals which were used in textile before are currently banned in industrialized countries; However, these chemicals are still used in developing countries and emerging economies. Greenpeace kicked off ‘antidote’ campaign to prevent garment suppliers in the use of these chemicals in July/2011.

Large companies such as Puma, Nike, Adidas, H & M and C & A have signed commitment under the pressure of this campaign to gradually eliminate banned chemicals above from now until 2020. The purpose of campaign is to awaken and strengthen the awareness of consumers in products of large companies, expensive major brands which are still manufactured in workshops polluting environment in countries with low wages like China.

About 7,000 chemicals are used for the production of textiles, for example, those used in dyeing process and handling of anti-wrinkle.

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